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Rehana Ahmed

Indian Doctors
Dec 04, 2009

The Desi population of the United States has become widely known for its dedication to quality work as well as its compassion for and kindness to others. It may come as no surprise, then, that the medical field has drawn especially large numbers of aspiring Desi medical doctors, many of whom complete several years of extensive and difficult training to become leading authorities in their specialized fields. From family doctors with general practice clinics to on-call specialists, Indian physicians comprise a sizeable percentage of medical professionals in the United States. But this demographic is present not only in clinics and hospitals, but in more traditional venues, as well. A wealth of traditional Vedic, naturopathic, and alternative Indian doctors are found across the country and help preserve the medical traditions and knowledge of South Asia while offering less invasive approaches to general health and healing. Whether serving as an insightful scholar able to bring the wisdom of ancient medical texts and practices to modern health concerns or working among cutting-edge technologies and facilities to deliver amazing new results, Indian doctors in the United States comprise an impressive professional stratum. Get connected with a medical professional that meets your needs and understands your background by browsing at FunduSearch, your home for Desi establishments of every persuasion right in your home town.

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