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Indian & Desi Events – United States


To experience the real happening Indian & Desi events, while reviving Indian culture in the USA, is a dream come true for any Indian or Desi living in the USA. A layer of Desi revival in a multicultural environment such as USA brings smiles on the faces of many Indians in the USA. Betelleaf.com is one such leading Indian and South Indian events hub that bridges gap between consumers and businesses. It has aimed to connect Indian and Desi community and has provided a platform for interaction. The huge amount of Indian and South Indian community living in the USA can create free event listings on betelleaf.com that can be a very useful tool for event management and Desi interaction, providing info of the upcoming desi events. The importance of a desi event calendar cannot be taken for granted. It helps to bridge people of common ideology together and live in an efficient manner. Betelleaf.com is an ultimate indian events solution to such an event calendar and knows exactly the importance of event calendar and keeps those, away from their homeland, updated about Indian events, so that they don’t miss out the fun and a chance to meet their countrymen.



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There are certain features that distinguish betelleaf.com from conventional event calendar service providers. To list Desi and Indian events on betelleaf.com, one does not need to pay any money. Listing the desi events is free and this helps make the interaction more happening. There is multitude of events listed on betelleaf.com. These events help Desi and Indian people find the right place for food, grocery, store, doctor, cuisine, bridal wear, travel deals, worship and many more other happenings in the USA. This is especially helpful when one desires to find the nearest best option. Since listing an event on betelleaf.com is free, the amount and variety of listings is massive. Anyone desirous of prompting an event can use this event calendar facility of betelleaf.com to make its event a real success. Betelleaf.com is the yellow pages of Desi carnivals, concerts and ceremonies. One can find the about a Desi concert enriching the Desi music touch in it, which has always been a craze for the Desi community living in the USA. Betelleaf.com helps the listing to get a huge success by offering featured service. One can encourage and promote Indian and South Indian events by getting that listing featured. Reminder service of the versatile betelleaf.com event calendar provides Desi population with alerts of events in their area. They can buy tickets or plan to attend the event through it. The website offers popular listings area wise too. Desi events can be viewed and listed area wise, which helps make the search more appropriable. This area wise search can be either by city, state or province.



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Listing, viewing and sharing an event on the web has never been so much fun. Betelleaf.com has indeed helped community and business come together. It has brought the Indian and South Indian community together in the USA. It has provided a magnificent platform for Desi and Indian events happening in the USA. In a nutshell, betelleaf.com is one stop shop for Desi community in the USA.